Our Process

How to make organic Vermicompost?

At our worm farm the whole process revolves around controlling quality, keeping it simple and keeping down the heat for our worms so that they can make fantastic worm compost.

This is where we feed our African Nightcrawler worms organic thermophilic compost derived from green waste which they process into natures absolute best natural fertilizer – worm castings!

Worm compost is totally odorless in it’s finished state. Worms aerate, add microorganisms and turn the compost naturally. The finished compost product is fine and easy to handle and totally chemical free – a wonder of nature.

On our worm farm we first obtain the green waste – then it is hot composted and turned thoroughly for 30 days. This stage it is crucial to keep aeration and moisture closely monitored.

After the hot composting stage, the compost is mixed with special amendments and laid into windrows inside a factory shielded from the sun. It is then given mist irrigation and the millions of worms will eat it for 1-2 months. We mix our feedstock with high carbon bulking materials such as woodchips to add structure and oxygen to the worm beds to keep optimal conditions for the worms to produce great worm castings.

After finishing the majority of the material, the beds are left to dry out for a week and then loaded into our screener

We screen the compost to 1/4 inch in our trommel fertilizer screener and then it is cured and bagged for our customers.

Why do we screen to 1/4 inch? Well, it means that some of the worm cocoons are able to fall through into the finished product and lay dormant until planted in the ground. So many of our customers have said they have worms at the base of their crops after using our vermicompost.